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whip / кнут, хлыст, бич
имя существительное
whip, knout
whip, switch, horsewhip
scourge, whip, pest, curse, plague, lash
whip, shake up, beat up
slash, whip, lash, beat, lace
whip, crook
имя существительное
a strip of leather or length of cord fastened to a handle, used for flogging or beating a person or for urging on an animal.
I wouldn't be surprised if they walked around their office wearing tight leather and vinyl with whips and riding crops at their sides.
a thing or person resembling a whip in form or function.
a licorice whip
an official of a political party appointed to maintain discipline among its members in Congress or Parliament, especially so as to ensure attendance and voting in debates.
It is almost certain that a government with a decent Parliamentary majority will win this as the bill represents what that government wants and the party whips will ensure that a smooth vote takes place.
a dessert consisting of cream or eggs beaten into a light fluffy mass with fruit, chocolate, or other ingredients.
The fritters and walnut whip are now ready to be enjoyed.
a violent striking or beating movement.
beat (a person or animal) with a whip or similar instrument, especially as a punishment or to urge them on.
There they kicked us, beat us, whipped us with electric cables and shocked us with electricity!
move fast or suddenly in a specified direction.
I whipped around the corner
bind (something) with spirally wound twine.
The edges are whipped with wool yarns.
Lightly whip the cream into soft peaks, then gently fold it in to achieve the required whipped consistency.
He has cracked the whip both on and off the field since he ended his self-imposed managerial exile in May and everyone has responded accordingly.
Using the whipping attachments, whip the sugar and cream until medium stiff peaks are achieved.
It doesn't take as long a time as you'd think to whip cream with a whisk.
November saw they boy's father saying he never beat his son up, but that he did whip him.
For the filling, lightly whip the cream, then fold in the yoghurt, sugar and rosewater.
Lightly whip the cream and fold this in, along with the vanilla essence.
Promoters even brought Jim Jeffries out of retirement in 1910 in the expectation that he would whip Johnson.
Norman Fowler, chairman of the Conservative Party, claimed that withdrawing the whip was a bad move because it made the rebels into martyrs.
You can whip melted chocolate like cream, the fat and the lecithin acting as a stabilizer for the foam.