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whinny / радостное ржание, тихое ржание
имя существительное
радостное ржание
тихое ржание
snicker, whinny
тихо ржать
whinny, snicker
имя существительное
a gentle, high-pitched neigh.
The end of her exclamation turned into a high-pitched whinny and Leif started.
(of a horse) make a gentle, high-pitched neigh.
the pony whinnied and tossed his head happily
The second that we were on my father's land Sora gave a whinny of joy as she pranced this way and that.
A loud whinny broke his thoughts, and Dirano's head turned sharply, and he saw a blur of a white horse, rearing and galloping towards him.
A plaintive whinny echoed from a damp, narrow cave as we edged unsteadily through the entrance.
Melhiril's horse reared back on its hind legs, letting out a loud whinny .
She cast about anxiously for Alina and upon sighting her on the second story let out an earsplitting whinny .
That spooked the horse because his head and ears picked up and he let out a shrill whinny .
With a small whinny , he pranced over to, nuzzling my hand in search of an apple.
The end of her exclamation turned into a high-pitched whinny and Leif started.
The horses were out there, chewing on grass or napping, and every once in a while, we could hear a playful whinny and would see a few of the animals running around with their heads held high.
He saw us approach, and greeted us with a whinny and a gesture of his long tasselled tail.