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whim / каприз, прихоть, блажь
имя существительное
caprice, whim, freak, fancy, whimsy, vagary
whim, fad, whimsy, fancy, whimsey, megrim
whim, extravagance, maggot, extravagancy
crave, thirst, covet, hunger, yearn, whim
имя существительное
a sudden desire or change of mind, especially one that is unusual or unexplained.
she bought it on a whim
a windlass for raising ore or water from a mine.
Work was soon hampered by an inflow of large volumes of underground water in several shafts, keeping the whims occupied day and night.
Recorded in 1987 and conceived on a whim , it was a source of irritation to the band themselves.
he appeared and disappeared at whim
she bought it on a whim
He opened the door on a whim , expecting nothing, but instead, he was faced with four sets of eyes.
One of my ancestors could have got really fed up with the weather in the middle of a dull March in 1700 and moved off to Wisconsin on a whim .
When I started this weblog last October, it was more or less on a whim .
This one was bought on a whim one bright Sunday afternoon in 1997, from Clone Zone on Old Compton Street.
After the war Doohan on a whim enrolled in a drama class in Toronto.
The assumption that Her Excellency just spent money on a whim is just plain wrong.
I guess we shouldn't be so surprised that Tizard leaves meetings on a whim .