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whilst / в то время как, пока, тогда как
в то время как
while, whereas, whilst, as, when, just as
while, till, whilst, whiles
тогда как
while, whereas, when, whilst
while, whilst
несмотря на то, что
although, whilst, while, whereas
The worst of it though, is the attention I get whilst running on the streets of London.
My poor dogs and I are confined to one room whilst the window men continue to fit the new windows.
Molly clambers up onto the wall and struts up and down for a moment whilst she gets her balance on the wall.
I explained that whilst I would like to, now was not the right time for me, or for her.
Love on a mental level is friendship, whilst love on a physical level is basically lust.
Being in a rush to get out this evening we sat Tommy at the table whilst we were eating and all had a civilised meal.
Others will rev the engine and light the lights whilst the forming queue shifts on its feet.
Perhaps whilst it is fresh in my mind I might just pick up on the last point of the press briefings.
I said out loud as I tried to stare a bit more at the map whilst driving at 40 miles an hour.
It is impossible not to be moved whilst in the presence of such belief and faith.
Even when she is unwell, she is able to just step through that and put it aside whilst she is out there.