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while / в то время как, пока, тогда как
в то время как
while, whereas, whilst, as, when, just as
while, till, whilst, whiles
тогда как
while, whereas, when, whilst
имя существительное
промежуток времени
period, while, interim, span, space, lapse
до тех пор пока
проводить время
spend, while, put in, while the time away, while away the time, while away a few hours
коротать время
pass the time, while away the time, make time pass, cheat time, while the time away, while
during the time that; at the same time as.
nothing much changed while he was away
whereas (indicating a contrast).
one person wants out, while the other wants the relationship to continue
имя существительное
a period of time.
we chatted for a while
at the same time; meanwhile.
he starts to draw, talking the while
pass time in a leisurely manner.
a diversion to while away the long afternoons
during which.
the period while the animal remains alive
There were two bastards in the Jones household for a while - but only one of them was truly Jenny's.
The fact remains that, while horses may not die of foot-and-mouth, they do carry the disease.
This means that they allow the analyst to code text while working at the computer and to retrieve the coded text.
he starts to draw, talking the while
It is safe to assume that the word had been around for a while before 1611.
I went back and watched TV for a while till Jess wanted to go back to her room.
There is a mistaken belief that it is a straight road, while in fact there is a slight bend.
she rang me while I was out
while I live, you won't want
The matter was referred to London and Paris, and for a while tension between the two countries was extreme.