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whichever / какой бы ни
имя прилагательное
какой бы ни
whichever, whatever, whatsoever, whate'er, whatsoe'er
какой бы ни
whichever, whichsoever
what, which, as, whichever, whichsoever
какой угодно
whichever, whichsoever
used to emphasize a lack of restriction in selecting one of a definite set of alternatives.
choose whichever brand you prefer
So whichever side is unhappy with the verdict or the outcome, they will ask the jury to be polled.
Our call is to serve God in whichever way he has equipped us to do so.
People who are willing to shout, wave signs, march and sing for whichever cause is being flouted at the time.
By whichever measure one chooses, Russell, who contemplated many universes, is a great mind.
Costs hidden in the seams of communist systems must be paid, whichever reform strategy is chosen.
whichever they choose, we must accept it
choose whichever brand you prefer
The Indian wars are all but over, and the West has been tamed, or destroyed, whichever you prefer.
their pension should be increased annually in line with earnings or prices, whichever is the higher
Body decoration is a primal and innate part of the human psyche, whichever way it chooses to express itself.