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whey / сыворотка
имя существительное
serum, whey, serosity, thrusting
имя существительное
the watery part of milk that remains after the formation of curds.
Skimmed milk and whey are the other main ingredients, plain water being used instead for purely vegetable brands.
The curd is processed into mozzarella, and the whey is processed into ricotta.
Soya milk is extracted from soya beans, then the proteins in the milk coagulate, creating curds and whey .
Michael, who has Down's Syndrome, presides over the vat of curds and whey : he's a rock of diligence.
It is also a component of the milk in milk chocolate and of whey , an ingredient used in some candies.
While the rest of us are barking at imaginary voices and foaming at the mouth, your mind is sitting on a tuffet eating curds and whey .
Butter-milk, skimmed milk and whey were also drunk but probably not in such great quantity at a feast.
Overall, the study showed that removal of whey from human milk resulted in less iron uptake.
That said, the supplement outperforms whey only slightly and not always consistently.
The cheese curds are pumped into cheese towers where any remaining whey is removed.
Dry sweet whey is kept for use or sale, while salty whey is removed for waste treatment.