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whetstone / точильный камень
имя существительное
точильный камень
grindstone, whetstone, hone, grinder, burr, knife grinder
имя существительное
a fine-grained stone used for sharpening cutting tools.
Larger whetstones for sharpening iron tools were an important part of everyday equipment and were widely traded, especially since varying degrees of coarseness were required to produce a finely honed edge.
On my enrolment I was issued with chef's overalls, two textbooks (in Chinese) and a personal cleaver, which I was expected to keep razor sharp by frequent visits to the enormous whetstone in the yard.
He had a whetstone and cloth in hand with a sword laid across his lap.
She sharpened the meat carving knife on a whetstone .
While he shortened the distance between them, Dimitri realized Reana had been quietly sitting and sharpening her sword with a whetstone .
Other men still worked at the whetstone , or sat polishing their blades.
He turned the chair to the desk behind him, picked up a whetstone and a knife, and started to sharpen it.
Each morning José Antonio has sharpened his knife against the little whetstone he carries in his pocket.
Be this the whetstone of your sword: let grief convert to anger blunt not the heart, enrage it.
He used a makeshift whetstone to sharpen both blades again.
The whetstone would have been a important possession for the woodworker as, without it, he could not have sharpened any of his tools.