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whether / ли
whether, if
which, that, who, as, whether
expressing a doubt or choice between alternatives.
he seemed undecided whether to go or stay
It will be a matter of judgment whether and how to take account of indirect evidence.
it is still not clear whether or not he realizes
She poured the milk into a mug, enquiring as to whether he would like some as well.
They had planned for this, but he still doubted whether or not it was really going to work.
you have a contract whether it's written or not
whether they like it or not, they have to do it
It is not yet clear whether investors have learned the lessons of the technology boom.
He said he had not known at first whether or not to sign the petition, as people might think he was biased.
I asked Mr Hoteit whether he had a minute for a short enquiry and he confirmed that he had.
The investor bets on whether it will end up higher or lower than the spread suggests.