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whet / точить, возбуждать, разжигать
sharpen, whet, grind, rub down, hone, turn
excite, stir, stir up, arouse, bring, whet
foment, fuel, fan, fire, whip up, whet
имя существительное
dot, point, period, full stop, full point, whet
correction, setting, whet
глоток спиртного
snifter, slug, dram, toothful, swig, whet
sharpen the blade of (a tool or weapon).
her husband is whetting his knife
имя существительное
a thing that stimulates appetite or desire.
he swallowed his two dozen oysters as a whet
If both of these dishes were meant to whet the palate for something more flavourful, they certainly did the trick.
To show off his intelligence, and to whet his ego.
here's an extract to whet your appetite
Apart from the gig guaranteeing a great way to bring in the New Year, it should also whet fans' palates for the release of their new album early next year.
The ingredients are fresh and tasty, and it's a nice way to whet your palate for the flavours to come.
There is a range of inspired burger variations, but anyone who recoils from a slab of red meat will find plenty to whet the tastebuds from the fish, chicken and vegetarian selections.
here's an extract to whet your appetite
Just to whet our appetites, and to make us more appreciative of history in the making.
That daily hour and a half of repetitious activity is necessary to whet the fine edge of our skills to razor sharpness.
It also whet the tastebuds of an unfriendly adder - Britain's only poisonous snake species.