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whereupon / после чего, вследствие чего
после чего
вследствие чего
where, wherever, whereabouts, whereupon, whereat, wheresoever
на чем
immediately after which.
he qualified in February, whereupon he was promoted to sergeant
It lowered its head and the boy spoke to him softly, whereupon it immediately was tamed.
England didn't enter the World Cup until 1950, whereupon we were immediately instilled as favourites.
The driver guns it and launches the behemoth into the air like a flying elephant, whereupon it crashes back down on the wrecked cars.
He gets out, gives a hefty shove, whereupon the car springs into life and performs a perfect arc across the main road before coming to rest against a tree.
These were decorated by children, then glazed and fired, whereupon they were incorporated into a mosaic of community creativity.
Now, like Cinderella, all they need is a ticket to have a ball, whereupon Linda chances across a mislaid handbag with four tickets inside.
We drove from Los Angeles for three days to reach Portland, whereupon I flew back down here to go to work.
Then, his body was put into a barrel filled with cement, whereupon he was dumped into the ocean off Brooklyn.
I found some food and fed the wolf, whereupon he vanished into the shadows.
Congress modified the law to meet Lincoln's objections, whereupon he signed it.