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wherein / в чем
в чем
в чем
там, где
in which.
the situation wherein the information will eventually be used
in what place or respect?.
so wherein lies the difference?
Weapons and armour that can be upgraded have a different number of slots, wherein the skills or items can be implemented.
Now wherein - whether in 1948 or today - lies the appeal of all this?
For anyone still to be besotted by it in his sixties bespeaks a truly weird dedication to teenage culture, wherein almost nothing of importance is ever done or said.
So wherein lies the greatest value of a meticulous catalogue of this sort?
It has already been shown wherein the socialist patterns of Russia and Germany differ.
the situation wherein the information will eventually be used
May it not be asked wherein lie the peculiar differences between an essentially Jewish and essentially Christian outlook?
And it is in the elicitory processes of both personal attachment and detachment wherein social agency lies.
This differs from the protocol described above, wherein the new target was never a distractor.
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