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whereby / посредством чего, каким образом, как
посредством чего
каким образом
as, than, whereby
by which.
a system whereby people could vote by telephone
Doing that, I am educated whereby I can write constructive letters and also sign my name.
This follows another story last week whereby prisoners were trying to get permission to vote in elections.
It is the sort of service whereby it would not matter how much was spent, the demand would not be satisfied.
a system whereby people could vote by telephone
The second means whereby the position of these children was to be enhanced lay in improving the position of the father.
A plan was put in place whereby she was able to join a special account at her local Credit Union.
We have a very silly situation whereby Queenstown and Taupo are able to open for business and we are not.
Haptic touch is a kind of sense whereby you can take a tool, and you can very quickly come to treat it as if it was part of your body.
Ruth created an Art Project for her pupils whereby they had to design and create a Tea Pot.
Some countries have laws whereby to buy a new car you must scrap the old one.