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whence / откуда, как, каким образом
as, how, so, however, whence
каким образом
how, however, whence
whence, wherefrom
имя существительное
source, spring, origin, fountain, fount, whence
причина возникновения
from what place or source.
whence does Congress derive this power?
from which; from where.
the Ural mountains, whence the ore is procured
The other is the police station, whence officers make occasional sallies to round up drivers or follow up a crime identified by the CCTV operators.
At first, it was stipulated that S knew, whence it followed that S was properly ignoring all possibilities of error.
It is evident by now how the values of a therapeutic culture surrounding us have affected our own views, and, therefore, whence the dread and fear of our own aging and general discomfort level with its attendant issues arises.
In the indeterminate fluxations of a cosmos in which ‘things happen’ and it is futile to ask about whence or wherefore, he accepted responsibility for nothing except the poem he aspired to be.
His father Eric came from Breslau, but as a young man escaped to Paris, whence he was sent to London in 1900 by a theatrical agency to run its London branch.
Four straight defeats, coupled with Queen of the South's defeat against Forfar in midweek, sent them back to whence they came.
A law found by measurement is necessarily mathematical in form, whence its manipulation by proportionalities will reveal consequences no less certain to be borne out by measurement.
Not a single plane was ready to take off on that night from Smorodino airfield, whence 45-mm guns were due to follow after the landing force.
whence it followed that the strategies were obsolete
whence it followed that the strategies were obsolete