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when / когда, хотя
when, now
when, even so
when, as, just as, now
if, when, save, supposing, subject to
как только
as soon as, once, as, when, immediately, as ever
имя существительное
time, period, when, day, season, date
date, when
at what time.
when did you last see him?
at or on which (referring to a time or circumstance).
Saturday is the day when I get my hair done
at or during the time that.
I loved math when I was in school
after which; and just then (implying suddenness).
he had just drifted off to sleep when the phone rang
in view of the fact that; considering that.
why bother to paint it when you can photograph it with the same effect?
although; whereas.
I'm saying it now when I should have told you long ago
I used to love that song when it was played on the old Saturday morning radio programmes for kids.
You cannot claim to give the facts straight when there is no-one giving the other view.
Tony was in the kitchen sorting out a cup of tea, a tinny and a few snacks when he suddenly became quite excited.
I had gone back to check some facts when Angier emerged awkwardly from the bathroom.
One survivor said a meeting was being held in an upstairs room when the blast occurred.
There is no room to manoeuvre when the character of a space determines the environment.
It's hard not be cynical about the power of love when there is so much bile around.
when do you go back?
I took them round a present and a card not long ago when the new baby arrived.
She didn't think Jamie was the type to sit hiding in some motel room when someone was out to kill him.