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whelp / щенок, отродье, детеныш
имя существительное
puppy, pup, whelp, cub
spawn, brat, whelp, bantling
young, cub, calf, baby, youngling, whelp
whelp, pup, cub, litter
производить детенышей
whelp, litter
имя существительное
a puppy.
Sometimes mothers will really put up a fuss about me taking their new whelps and putting them in a puppy box.
(of a female dog) give birth to (a puppy).
Copper whelped seven puppies
What I want to know Nago is if that whelp of a boy is going through with his orders.
The only prize a churlish young whelp like you should get is a good hiding!
And we expect that she'll whelp any time from this weekend.
I cannot describe to you my shock and fear at being woken by the vulgarities of a loutish young whelp , who had driven his auto-mobile next to the chamber's small window.
a bitch due to whelp
too high and mighty to call her ‘Mam’—isn't that so, whelp?
a bitch due to whelp
The length of most bitch pregnancies is 63 days and most show signs when they are just about ready to whelp .
I remember your little friend shoving you into one before she because a pincushion, and you blasted me from there, you little whelp .
If more than four contractures there may be a problem if the Shih Tzu puppy has not been whelped .