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wheeze / хрип, одышка, отсебятина
имя существительное
rattle, wheeze, rale
dyspnea, dyspnoea, apnea, wheeze, pant, apnoea
gag, wheeze
wheeze, croak, crepitate, croup
дышать с присвистом
имя существительное
a sound of or as of a person wheezing.
I talk with a wheeze
an old joke, story, aphorism, act, or routine.
the old wheeze about the diner complaining about the fly in his soup
(of a person) breathe with a whistling or rattling sound in the chest, as a result of obstruction in the air passages.
the illness often leaves her wheezing
On six tunes, the wheeze of a button accordian added a dimension that bluegrass purists had never heard before; unfortunately, the band doesn't presently have an accordion player.
Policy wonks might have thought it a clever wheeze to apply New York Mayor Giuliani's zero tolerance on street crime to cannabis users.
Our concern is that this is all a wheeze not to pay rent for the foreseeable future to the detriment of the pension fund.
Stalking customers after they signal their intentions unambiguously is a wheeze to hold on to someone who has taken a lot of trouble to break free.
This illiberal wheeze is the idea of Home Office minister.
I talk with a wheeze
This is just a New Age recycling of the old wheeze , ‘badmothering-causes-male-violence.’
He listens to the oxygen machines hum and burble and gasp, the humidifier wheeze , the buzz of the fluorescent light in the hall.
There is not a sound, apart from the faint wheeze of someone playing a harmonica.
a new wheeze to help farmers