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wheeler-dealer / махинатор, ловкач, заправила
имя существительное
trickster, dodger, tod, file, acrobat, wheeler-dealer
sachem, wheeler and dealer, wheeler-dealer, higher-up
имя прилагательное
roguish, wheeler-dealer
имя существительное
a person who engages in commercial or political scheming.
For we have had enough of political wheeler-dealers .
He is a general wheeler-dealer , and has dabbled in building materials, engineering and property.
That said, as a kid I was already a wheeler-dealer .
The Algerian wheeler-dealer was on the run from the law last week, his business empire in ruins.
He agreed with Pareto that universal suffrage promoted the corrupt and devious political skills of the flatterer, the wheeler-dealer , and the populist demagogue.
Once a pure and sincere member of the literati, he is now a superb wheeler-dealer in Shanghai's real estate market.
You are a classic buy-to-let merchant, otherwise known as a wheeler-dealer .
So his stunt was to prove to his family just what a sharp wheeler-dealer he normally was during office hours.
He could be brash, streetwise, a wheeler-dealer and charming.
he is a great wheeler-dealer in the corridors of power
Three officers spent months working as wheeler-dealers on a market, paying the thieves for mobile phones they had stolen from members of the public.