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wheelbase / колесная база
имя существительное
колесная база
имя существительное
the distance between the front and rear axles of a vehicle.
a short-wheelbase model
Stretch the wheelbase , increase the width slightly, and there's the replacement for the aging Town Car.
That's 6.1 in. shorter than the previous model, and the wheelbase is reduced by 1.6 in.
Smaller than current 3 Series, this new five-door has the longest wheelbase and widest track in its class.
Another problem with a big truck and a short wheelbase and a single rear axle is the bounce.
Its wheelbase , 103.5 in., is greater than the vehicles in the competitive set.
On-road this thing is a blast, but be careful during the test drive; It's a tall ride on a short wheelbase , and it has lots of power.
Although new Maxima is shorter than the old model, it has a longer wheelbase .
Both the Signum and Vectra station wagon, which is due to market late next year, share the same wheelbase .
The front seats are comfortable and supportive, as are those in the rear, where leg room is surprisingly good for a short wheelbase vehicle.
A longer wheelbase permits a more aggressive moldboard angle for a given blade length than a shorter wheelbase does.