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wheedle / обхаживать, подольщаться, выманивать лестью
cajole, nurse, wheedle
wheedle, sweet-talk
выманивать лестью
имя существительное
compliance, assentation, suppleness, wheedle
employ endearments or flattery to persuade someone to do something or give one something.
you can contrive to wheedle your way onto a court
you can contrive to wheedle your way onto a court
This is another good reason to wheedle our way out of the marriage.
He seems to be able to wheedle rides out of just about anybody.
With the new cameras will come no mercy, no human face to wheedle , cajole, or insult.
Despite the best intentions, one is tempted to bargain for a more advantageous position, to make or demand concessions, to wheedle and to coax, to impose one's agenda and vocabulary.
You view your employer more as an equal and you begin to think of ways that you can add value to your services instead of thinking of ways to wheedle more benefits from your feudal overlord.
As one reader who did manage to wheedle an answer out of me on the subject concurred with my original notion that the not-knowing was preferable to the knowing, I shall refrain from adding to your store of knowledge.
I'm just getting tired of people trying to wheedle your identity out of me.
Of course, she had no idea if she could talk her manager into stopping at some of these towns, but she could beg and wheedle and cajole if she had to.
We do all the talking; we plead, wheedle , deny and cajole.