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whatsoever / что бы ни
что бы ни
whatever, whatsoever
имя прилагательное
either, whatever, whatsoever, whate'er, whatsoe'er
какой бы ни
whichever, whatever, whatsoever, whate'er, whatsoe'er
at all (used for emphasis).
I have no doubt whatsoever
We are going to add some to our existing hedge as well since there seems to be no top soil whatsoever left in it.
However, I've heard of fish much bigger and I have no reason to doubt the tales whatsoever .
He's entitled to his opinions but he has no proof whatsoever other than it's in an area where there are salmon farms.
I have no doubt whatsoever
I have no time whatsoever for asylum seekers, whether they be in Centenary Square or elsewhere.
I have no doubt whatsoever
I also hadn't received my New Statesman last Friday, and had no post whatsoever on Saturday.
Because when you do it there will be no doubt, none whatsoever , that it is real.
Strange to report then that with its new car it has made no effort whatsoever to ape the rather appealing styling of the last one.
That provision is put in this bill to remove any doubt whatsoever for Mr Williams.
He attempted to order a beer, but had a little difficulty, as he knew no German whatsoever .