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whatnot / всякая всячина, безделушки, этажерка для безделушек
имя существительное
всякая всячина
sundries, jambalaya, whatnot, hodgepodge, etceteras, hotchpotch
frippery, ornamentals, fancy articles, whatnot, fallalery, bijouterie
этажерка для безделушек
имя существительное
used to refer to an item or items that are not identified but are felt to have something in common with items already named.
little flashing digital displays, electric zooms and whatnots
a stand with shelves for small objects.
We yakked about the Church in NZ and the French blowing up Greenpeace ships in Auckland Harbor and whatnot .
On the ticket wallets there were adverts for various, erm, things; shops and whatnot .
I don't understand the comings and goings of people depending on circumstances or differences or whatnot .
pictures and books and manuscripts and whatnot
They can keep the smarties and the M&M's and the pennies and whatnot .
In the country they dress it up with an anthropomorphic bedtime dolly, turning Cool Britannia into an Edwardian whatnot .
I lived a rather tumultuous life targeting for money power wealth authority status name fame and whatnot .
pictures and books and manuscripts and whatnot
She made it so it's easy for me to tweak, and I'm sure I'll be fooling around with the colors and whatnot before long.
Perhaps that was what jaunted my serenity askew after the meal had ended, people going off to do their own things and whatnot .