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whatever / любой, какой бы ни
имя прилагательное
either, whatever, whatsoever, whate'er, whatsoe'er
какой бы ни
whichever, whatever, whatsoever, whate'er, whatsoe'er
что бы ни
whatever, whatsoever
все что
any, none, whatever
все равно
all the same, no matter, whatever
at all; of any kind (used for emphasis).
they received no help whatever
no matter what happens.
we told him we'd back him whatever
used to emphasize a lack of restriction in referring to any thing or amount, no matter what.
do whatever you like
used for emphasis instead of “what” in questions, typically expressing surprise or confusion.
whatever is the matter?
said as a response indicating a reluctance to discuss something, implying indifference, skepticism, or exasperation.
Joseph's commentary amounted to “Yeah, well. Whatever.”
We need to support whatever decisions our nation makes, as long as they do not directly violate the Word of God.
This affects all of us - your support is vital, whatever the weather.
It cannot offer real freedom of religion while excluding religious influence, in whatever form, on matters of state.
whatever is the matter?
He decided in that moment to deal with whatever would happen no matter what.
Regardless of whatever musical or fashion trend that happens to threaten its existence, metal will always remain.
It is the ability to receive and release whatever is or is not needed with each inhaled and exhaled breath.
But he makes up for whatever he lacks in physical skills with intelligence and versatility.
I did whatever it took to please my parents; no matter how depressed or sad I was.
They feel that viewing other people engaging in sexual acts is worth whatever amount of money it cost them.