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what / что
that, what, how
what, which, as
what, which, as, whichever, whichsoever
имя прилагательное
how many, how, what, as much as
to what extent?.
what does it matter?
used to indicate an estimate or approximation.
see you, what, about four?
used for emphasis or to invite agreement.
pretty poor show, what?
asking for information specifying something.
what is your name?
the thing or things that (used in specifying something).
what we need is a commitment
(in exclamations) emphasizing something surprising or remarkable.
what some people do for attention!
asking for information specifying something.
what time is it?
(referring to the whole of an amount) whatever.
he had been robbed of what little money he had
(in exclamations) how great or remarkable.
what luck!
Disputes often arise about what information was in fact provided in a given case.
So what would your view be of the result, if members of staff are brave enough to use the present procedure?
He flies down to Cataluna and tries to locate her based on what little information he has about her.
That means a long car journey and, more to the point, an argument about what music to play.
These guys are taking all the fun out of what was once the most gloriously unpredictable of games.
Adam says that the only thing remarkable about what he did was the speed at which he moved.
We tend to take a clear-cut view of what being a victim of crime entails, and who the victim is in every case.
He remarks what a lovely and expensive machine it is and that he will take care of it for you.
They understood what a big deal it was to him, and completely want to make him feel connected and loved.
Er, well excuse me, but what 's left if those areas of your game aren't up to scratch?