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whack / сильный удар, звук удара, причитающаяся доля
имя существительное
сильный удар
swipe, slog, whack, bang, hard blow, swinger
звук удара
whack, scat
причитающаяся доля
share, divide, carve, partition, whack, share out
pound, beat, bash, baste, whack, thump
share, divide, share out, whack, divvy, whack up
имя существительное
a sharp or resounding blow.
Our teachers are very supportive. If by chance we start dreaming in class, we get a sharp whack on our knuckles to bring us back to the real world.
a try or attempt.
we decided to take a whack at spotting the decade's trends
a specified share of or contribution to something.
motorists pay a fair whack for the use of the roads through taxes
strike forcefully with a sharp blow.
his attacker whacked him on the head
Skipper Jim Bentley was forced off after taking a whack in the face in a clash of heads, while David Perkins also took a kick on the leg.
Her answer: ‘Oh, probably a whack on the head with a club.’
At my first weekly hourlong lesson last spring, English watched me whack a hundred balls over the net, then suggested that we radically overhaul my form to enhance my chi.
I guess to be fair, I should take a whack at it myself.
We can take a firm whack at these books that warrant coverage and, together, we can ensure that this heinous backlog is, to some small degree, abated.
With any likelihood, half the money will probably come from abroad, but we'll need a big whack of Hollywood money.
He and Gin found a perfect tree and began to whack at it with their axes.
During that time, Nebulon continued to whack the small, pink rubber ball against the wooden paddle.
As a rule of thumb you should whack at least two feet from a nine-footer, more from a longer board.
Steven watched them walk away until he felt a sudden sharp whack in the shin.