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wetsuit / костюм для подводного плавания
имя существительное
костюм для подводного плавания
wet suit
имя существительное
a close-fitting garment of neoprene or similar material typically covering most of the body but not designed to exclude water, worn for warmth in water sports or diving.
So whilst Tim was whisking around in tight circles in his own, go-faster-striped coracle, his pupils were still pulling on old jeans, swimming costumes or wetsuits .
What I do, when I get to the bottom and start working, is I take the hose and stuff it down the back of my wetsuit .
A diving holiday more often than not means a tropical location with waters so warm you just need a light wetsuit or dive skin as thermal protection.
I had forgotten to bring my wetsuit , but fortunately was well-equipped in my thermal underpants and a lifejacket.
At the end of the winter (late April) perhaps it had cooled a little, but a shortie wetsuit was only just adequate.
The sea here is as cold as Cornwall in winter and you have to wear a full wetsuit , boots, gloves and a hood to insulate you from the frigid waters and equally cold winds.
My son is really into bodyboarding, although he's missing a leash and flippers, and doesn't own a wetsuit .
Winter temperatures drop a little, but still make for comfortable diving in a wetsuit .
Ricketts couldn't have looked more out of his depth had he taken to the field in flippers and a wetsuit .
The one-piece wetsuit he was wearing indicates that Mr Dineen had been diving.
Lil and Fester had decided to do a bit of snorkelling and had donned wetsuits for the adventure.