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wetland / водно-болотных
имя существительное
land consisting of marshes or swamps; saturated land.
Breeds on wetlands , moorland, water-side meadows, both coastal and inland.
A further third will be turned into wet pasture land and a third to wetland and reed beds in line with a plan approved by the Environmental Agency.
The reserve in a partly flooded gravel pit now has three wetland habitats - open water, marsh and willow scrub.
wetland habitat
They require a mosaic of heath, blanket bog and wetland , with rough grazing, shrubs and trees for cover.
the lake is recognized as a wetland of great international importance
wetland habitats
It is almost never found on mudflats or in wetlands where other shorebirds are found.
She said the wetlands , estuaries and forest streams that pateke call home were under threat.
Found in a wide variety of haunts including open or lightly wooded farmland, moors, wetlands and urban areas.
Its large lagoons, mangrove wetlands , and swamps full of wild orchids and rare birds are all protected by the National Trust.