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westward / на запад
на запад
west, westward, westwards, westerly, westwardly
имя существительное
западное направление
западный район
имя прилагательное
направленный к западу
westward, westwards
имя прилагательное
toward the west.
the journey covers eight time zones in a westward direction
in a westerly direction.
the vast prairie lands extending from northern Ohio westward
имя существительное
a direction or region toward the west.
he sees a light to the westward
And we should see more of a westward trend as we head into the latter hours this evening and overnight for tonight.
His great interest was in what he called his ‘Enterprise to the Indies’, the search for a westward route to the Orient for trade in spices.
We're expecting this westward motion to continue, getting close to Category 3, as early as 8: 00 for tonight.
Sweden attempted to take advantage of this by blocking Russia's attempted westward expansion towards the Baltic.
To the north of the study area, the basal detachment of the Zilair Nappe crops out as an east-dipping calc-mylonitc with abundant kinematic indicators suggesting a westward transport direction.
Bird flu's westward move is caused by migrating fowl.
This is expected to, I think, diminish in strength over the next few days, though the westward push probably won't be as significant.
The Tampa Bay area fared pretty well, despite Jeanne's westward wiggle.
Meanwhile, the Democrat eyeing the White House continues his westward swing, heading for Las Vegas at this hour.
Rabaul was crossed off the list of invasion targets; its neutralization by air was to be completed by May 1944, followed by MacArthur's westward advance towards the Vogelkop peninsula of New Guinea.