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westphalia / вестфалии
имя существительное
a former province of northwestern Germany.
A chalkboard listed a range of specials, including smoked breast of duck and Westphalian ham salad.
And the Congress of Vienna was chaired and run by the representative of the Austrian Kaiser, the highly-reactionary Prince Metternich (who was himself a Westphalian , curiously enough).
Meanwhile, plans are back on track for a museum honoring the achievements of the masterly Informel painter Emil Schumacher, to be located in Hagen, the nondescript Westphalian city of his birth.
Charles Hallé, a Westphalian who moved to Paris and came to England in 1848, founded an orchestra for the Manchester Exhibition of 1857 and kept it intact for a series of concerts launched at his own risk the following year.
Part of the problem is the strong commitment of the international community to the ideals of Westphalian sovereignty, which makes it hard to interfere in the internal affairs of another nation.