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westerner / житель Запада, уроженец Запада
имя существительное
житель Запада
westerner, western, occidental, Hesperian
уроженец Запада
occidental, westerner
имя существительное
a native or inhabitant of the west, especially of western Europe or North America.
If westerners still hold our country in high esteem, the credit for this should go to our family system.
I was in the worst country in the world to be a westerner .
That I am a westerner (as much as someone born in Eastern Europe can be) is viscerally obvious to me every time I have to fly east.
Since the preacher hadn't shown up, and he was there, and he is a westerner , and all westerners are Christians, they told him he should preach the sermon.
No doubt having two westerners in prison was a novelty.
He is just another in a line of westerners who decided to go native with the Masai.
A number of westerners had had a stab at writing Hirohito's biography.
The Japanese take a few potshots at him, round up the other westerners on the island, and depart the scene.
Maybe it's ok to meet other westerners from a different country - but not from your own.
Most of the westerners who met him, in Germany and America, took an instant dislike to what they saw as his arrogant and aloof personality.
It gave him the chance to find out what westerners are like.