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westbound / в западном направлении
западное направление
western direction
в западном направлении
имя прилагательное
leading or traveling toward the west.
I need a westbound train
The accident, which happened just before 6.20 pm, caused the westbound carriageway of the A64 to be shut for six hours.
Once more we went across the platform to a waiting westbound train.
I am on a westbound train, heading for my work in Dalmuir.
There were reports of debris on the westbound carriageway and a 50 mph speed limit was imposed.
He said two stretches of barriers had already been erected alongside the westbound carriageway - close to the village and alongside the underpass.
The works caused serious congestion on the westbound carriageway last night.
The westbound carriageway was reopened shortly after 1pm and the eastbound after 1.30 pm.
Motorists wanting to cross from the westbound carriageway to the eastbound side were diverted to Tadcaster, where they were meant to use an existing flyover.
Three of the station tracks were now simultaneously occupied by westbound trains.
The widths of both the east and westbound dual carriageways across the flyover were narrowed to allow workmen access to repair the flyover's parapets.