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wend / идти
go, walk, move, follow, run, wend
go in a specified direction, typically slowly or by an indirect route.
they wended their way across the city
Two conflicting thoughts occur as you sit with Stu Thomson in a Nevis Range gondola and wend your way slowly up the north face of Aonach Mor, all the way to 2,150 ft and the top of the World Cup downhill course.
Above Muir, you'll wend your way past yawning crevasses along the Cowlitz Glacier, tiptoe over snow bridges on the Ingraham Glacier, and duck past the giant seracs of the Ingraham Icefall.
Visitors had to wend and weave their way around corners and curves to reach the various spaces, which once again invoked the trope of the medieval city.
The road wends its way queasily from valley to valley, dipping and rising through dappled woodland.
The deer favor more open spaces and can often be seen from the road as one wends one's way along the Skyline Drive.
You'd be able to kayak to work, or maybe spend your Sunday wending your way through a small creek down from the top of Mount Royal through Westmount and into the East End.
The sealed road wends its way across the stark Anti-Atlas and startling scenery appears after Igherm while descending the Akka Valley.
On Thursday afternoon last at 3.30 pm a small number of people were wending their way along Carlow's widest street, in stark contrast to a few years back.
So the 3,000 protesters wending their way through Westwood had few witnesses beyond a gaggle of riot cops.
But to enter the expansive dale it must climb over 7,000 feet, wending its way through snowcapped mountains cut from the Alay and Tian Shan ranges.