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welter / валяться, барахтаться, волноваться
wallow, lie around, lie about, welter, tumble, fall about
flounder, wallow, dabble, puddle, welter, puddle about
worry, bother, fluster, be agitated, sweat, welter
имя существительное
welter, confusion
pandemonium, welter
confusion, muddle, mix, bewilderment, snafu, welter
имя существительное
a large number of items in no order; a confused mass.
there's such a welter of conflicting rules
move in a turbulent fashion.
the streams foam and welter
By organizing the book topically, Beaufort gives useful shape to the welter of details, in the aid of a larger argument.
Historians point to the U.S. in the 1930s, when Congress created most of the modern regulatory agencies to bring order to a welter of state rules.
there's such a welter of conflicting rules
He started slowly against Sullivan, who holds New Zealand national titles at both welter and light-middleweight.
But just might add that there has been a welter of confusing and contradictory information coming out of various parts of the leadership.
The weakest part of the book is the first section, which attempts to explain diabetes scientifically and ends up as a welter of confusing details.
The largest country in Africa had emerged within the space of fifty years from a welter of bloodshed and anarchy to lie at peace with its neighbours and itself.
Ultimately, the issue is larger than the welter of provisions some say would criminalize youth.
although welter John Green fights only once, his brother Andy, a lightweight, faces two fights
the attack petered out in a welter of bloody, confused fighting