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welt / рант, рубец, фальц
имя существительное
welt, rand
scar, tripe, cicatrix, rumen, welt, weal
fold, rabbet, welt, rut, furrow, chase
border, frieze, edging, edge, welt, skirting
track, trace, trail, mark, footprint, welt
шить по ранту
sheathe, bind, welt, edge, border, bound
fringe, border, edge, enclose, welt, emborder
slash, welt, flog, wale, weal, scourge
beat, hit, strike, pound, smash, welt
имя существительное
a leather rim sewn around the edge of a shoe upper to which the sole is attached.
There was the outline, and around this outline ran a well-defined sewn thread which had, it appeared, attached the welt to the sole.
a red, swollen mark left on flesh by a blow or pressure.
Alma remembered every second of those nights, how powerless she felt when she saw him beside her, his skin swollen with welts .
provide with a welt.
strike (someone or something) hard and heavily.
I could have welted her
Make sure your boot has enough welt to hold in the binding, just as you would for a step-in crampon.
The red welt already swelling over the palm of his left hand felt as though it was covered in acid, and he wanted to shove it under the water in an effort to rinse the burning away.
Reaching up to my forehead, I feel a welt , swollen and hard, caked with dried blood from my fall.
I stare at my reflection in the mirror as I apply gentle pressure to the welt on my cheek.
A large welt had swelled upon his head, but to his credit the blow hadn't caused him to bleed.
What will your co-workers think if you show up at the office with a big purple welt on your neck!
Michan could feel his leg begin to welt up and pulse in pain but he ignored it.
If a wheal or welt appears, it's considered evidence of an allergy.
He winced as I pulled it from his thigh; his skin beginning to welt and blister.
It has a three-button continental placket with polished agate buttons, a knit collar welt , sleeve bands, and a hemmed bottom with side vents.