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welsh / валлийский, уэльский
имя прилагательное
Welsh, Welch
Welsh, Cymric, Cambrian, Welch
имя существительное
Welsh, Welches, Welshes
валлийский язык
Welch, Welsh
fail to honor (a debt or obligation incurred through a promise or agreement).
banks began welshing on their agreement not to convert dollar reserves into gold
имя прилагательное
of or relating to Wales, its people, or their Celtic language.
I have Welsh parentage, Welsh ancestry, was taught the Welsh language at school, and indeed I have lived in Wales.
имя существительное
the Celtic language of Wales, spoken by about 500,000 people (mainly bilingual in English). Descended from the Brythonic language spoken in most of Roman Britain, it has been strongly revived after a long decline.
Iris was brought up to speak Welsh as her first language and was able to switch from one language to the other with great ease.
the people of Wales collectively.
The castle stands high above a crossing point of the river Wye, an area taken from the Welsh by the Normans only in the late C11.
That's what you promised, don't welsh on a deal.
It allows people to welsh on their debts, and it is telling that creditors who submitted were unanimously opposed to this.
Meanwhile, Adelaide believing Nathan to have welched on his promise to finally marry her, walks out on him.
Toni smiled, settling down, realizing Jared wasn't welching out on his promise.
When cases of dishonesty and those involving welshing on debts abound, it is worthwhile to ruminate on examples, such as the following.
If there was any way to get you out of this I really hate to welch on a debt.
Over the years they devised an elaborate numbers game to determine who picked up the tab for the table thus ensuring any welchers among them had to ante up their share from time to time.
Yesterday agreement was reached in the Business Committee to advance it quickly, and now today, that agreement was welshed on by some members of this House.
Chili ends up pretty quickly in California, certain the welcher is alive and living the life of a high roller on the money he owes.
He still owes me a housecleaning and babysitting from months back and anyone who welches on a promise isn't deserving of accolades.