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welly / welly
имя существительное
power or vigor.
I like big, fat voices with plenty of welly
And you know what, he wasn't that bad, it's just in this day and age when they're all using rackets the size of the average double mattress, he ought to be giving it a bit more welly on a regular basis.
It's a corner, from which Sodje gives it some Stevenage-style welly over the bar.
I like big, fat voices with plenty of welly
Now you gently feed in the power and as you get past the apex of the corner you can start using as much welly as you dare.
The unit incorporates left- and right-channel speakers, along with a sub-woofer to give the bass some welly .
I like big, fat voices with plenty of welly
Thedemo car was still running in so I was limited in how much welly I could give it.
Thierry Henry gets plenty of welly on the ensuing free-kick from about 35 yards out and PSV goalkeeper Edwin Zoetebier gets his palms stung before catching it on the second attempt.
Early ancestors of the parka and wellies will be on display at the National Museum of Photography, Film and TV at Bradford.
Take it from me, when Geoff says sturdy shoes, he means wellies .