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well-wisher / доброжелатель
имя существительное
friend, lover, well-wisher
имя существительное
a person who desires happiness or success for another, or who expresses such a desire.
It is this peace that should spur donors, investors and well-wishers to pool their resources and invest in the country.
Many kept awake to be the first to convey New Year greetings to their friends, relatives, and well-wishers .
I have failed to trace my friends and well-wishers with whose efforts and generosity, I am alive.
We join with his many well-wishers in wishing him many returns of the day.
There was no pomp and show to mark the occasion, only the greetings and compliments of his well-wishers .
Already, the book was filled with signatures and brief words of condolence from friends and well-wishers .
The happy couple received the traditional pouring of holy water by family, friends and many well-wishers .
They made frantic calls to friends, well-wishers and relatives at home to rush much-needed funds.
Her mum said the family were grateful for the amount of concern and support shown by well-wishers .
He frequently is greeted by skiing friends and well-wishers as they pass him on the trail.
The gym became silent as a group of army colleagues, friends, family and well-wishers cheered Neil on.