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well-rounded / хорошо округлены
имя прилагательное
having a smooth, curved shape.
well-rounded quartz pebbles
The quartz grains are well-rounded and often show frosted, pitted surface textures.
Some junctions between slabs are also marked by isolated well-rounded cobbles and pebbles of quartzite.
Secondly, while it is true that computer-literate professionals are in great demand, Bates points out that liberal arts courses continue to be critical for a well-rounded education.
One way to make sure you're getting all the protein you need is to add whey protein to your other protein sources to provide a well-rounded balance.
The book does not give precedent to any particular period of Abbey's life, instead providing a well-rounded overview of his varied experiences.
Liberal arts was once considered the very cornerstone of a well-rounded education.
The lowest layer of valley-filling debris includes well-rounded rocks ranging in size from pebbles to boulders.
Within any national education system, whether here in Australia, the UK or anywhere in the world, the arts are not necessary only as an autonomous part of a well-rounded education.
Although we have tried to give them a well-rounded education, an examination of our curricula shows that most of all we want them to be prepared for jobs and careers.
The Japanese track sounds louder, more aggressive, with the dialogue being significantly louder and more distinct, well-rounded and pleasing bass levels.