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well / хорошо, вполне, правильно
good, well, OK, fine, okay, nicely
quite, completely, well, fully, perfectly, complete
properly, right, correctly, best, well, rightly
имя существительное
well, sump, fountain, draw-well
well, hole, bore, chink, slit, ear
good, well, property
что ж
имя прилагательное
good, well, nice, pretty, fine, satisfactory
healthy, wholesome, sound, good, healthful, well
хлынуть ключом
well, well forth, well out, well up
бить ключом
bubble, bubble up, bubble over, well up, spring, well
in a good or satisfactory way.
the whole team played well
in a thorough manner.
add the mustard and lemon juice and mix well
very probably; in all likelihood.
being short of breath may well be the first sign of asthma
имя существительное
a shaft sunk into the ground to obtain water, oil, or gas.
Different concentrations of ground water nitrate were obtained by drilling irrigation wells into two aquifers.
an enclosed space in the middle of a building, giving room for stairs or an elevator, or to allow light or ventilation.
Hundreds of builders work like ants to construct walls, foundations, stairs, lift wells .
a region of minimum potential.
a gravity well
имя прилагательное
in good health; free or recovered from illness.
I don't feel very well
sensible; advisable.
it would be well to know just what this suggestion entails
(of a liquid) rise to the surface and spill or be about to spill.
tears were beginning to well in her eyes
used to express a range of emotions including surprise, anger, resignation, or relief.
Well, really! The manners of some people!
Get well wishes were sent to Mary Foyle who is recovering after her recent illness.
The engine temperature shot up to well over 100 degrees and I had no choice but to bring the car into the pits.
My point of order is that the Prime Minister knows full well the process of approvals.
To summarize, spoken language interpreters are stationed in the well of the courtroom only when there is a NES witness involved.
Both teams started well then hit a trouble patch, and both are working on next-to-nothing budgets.
Once a month they will get the chance to sell shares that are not doing well and buy profitable ones.
We compare quite well with other services in the South West on this issue.
The reason I had such bad withdrawal symptoms from bread must be because I was, well , addicted.
Obviously it would have been a disappointment had I not gotten the job, but luckily things worked out well .
Consolidation may well benefit shareholders of the acquired company in the short-term.