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weld / сварной шов
имя существительное
сварной шов
make, weld, scald
имя существительное
a welded joint.
This process is quite common for making welds for making watertight joints for tanks, etc.
a widely distributed plant related to mignonette, yielding a yellow dye.
join together (metal pieces or parts) by heating the surfaces to the point of melting using a blowtorch, electric arc, or other means, and uniting them by pressing, hammering, etc..
the truck had spikes welded to the back
cause to combine and form a harmonious or effective whole.
his efforts to weld together the religious parties ran into trouble
Whitman emerged a mature poet, ready to weld together the nation that had survived.
How to weld these bureaux into a united and effective inspection system is still under consideration.
His solution was to remove the part, and have a metal shop weld a small reinforcement to the post.
The effect was to weld moral and political science into a new social science.
cross-curricular themes would weld the curriculum together
It could take a while, because it takes a long time to weld together a hundred trailer homes.
They can weld all metals from aluminum to stainless steel, plus they stock parts and supplies for sale.
But only a clear political perspective can weld together this broad opposition into an effective political movement.
We still stamp steel panels, weld them together, drop in an engine, bolt on the wheels, and stuff it with seats and fabrics.
Singing together, dancing, even listening to the same music can help weld individuals into a team, a village, a nation.