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weir / водослив, плотина, запруда
имя существительное
spillway, weir, lasher, overfall, wear
dam, weir, dike, barrage, dyke, lock
dam, pond, weir, dike, bay, dyke
устраивать плотину
wear, weir
dam, stem, jam, bank, choke up, weir
имя существительное
a low dam built across a river to raise the level of water upstream or regulate its flow.
Reduced river flows, brought about by the construction of dams, weirs and water diversions, compound the problem.
When levels are low, a weir prevents water from leaving the lake.
Upstream of the weir the River Wharfe was glassy smooth with rising trout and cruising ducks, down river the water boiled amongst the smooth white rocks.
Set in idyllic surroundings, with the sound of the Barrow flowing gently over the weir in the background, the studio is the perfect location for an artist.
Follow the river upstream from the weir for about two hundred yards and you will come to a clearing.
After considering a voluntary program last week, the decision to impose tougher restrictions was made on Monday because the flow over the weir had ceased.
Mixed news from the Galway Fishery this week, as 13 open gates on the weir meant winter levels in the river.
Men are responsible for line and weir fishing, hunting, gardening, and the felling of trees.
Trouble began in the spring of 1816 when Judge Cooper built a weir , a fish trap, across the St. Jones River to catch migrating shad and herring.
Sometimes on an exceptionally high tide the water flows over the weir causing a tidal effect as far up as Kingston.
Through the extensive studies done in the area we know that raising the weir is the only way to go.