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weighty / весомый, веский, тяжелый
имя прилагательное
weighty, ponderable, loaded
weighty, strong, valid, solid, powerful, forcible
heavy, hard, severe, difficult, grave, weighty
имя прилагательное
weighing a great deal; heavy.
a weighty candelabra
It feels like it's an incredibly weighty decision, that you can make a huge mistake.
The Institute of Medicine has a distinguished history of publishing weighty reports on important subjects.
Unlike the delicate quadrant, the mariner's astrolabe was a thick, weighty instrument typically made of cast bronze or brass.
Charlotte was carrying a heavy bag on her left shoulder and weighty shopping draped over the same arm - a sure recipe for disaster!
Creating a massive weighty object that not only flies, but hovers and takes off vertically is an amazing innovation, a marvel of modern engineering.
Comparatively speaking, handheld devices are delicate, weighty , and bulky due to the glass screens.
Prosperity and wealth can have a weighty influence.
Of course, classification, region, and variety of grape are all weighty influences.
There are frescoed walls and ceilings, weighty beams inscribed with German proverbs, and a preponderance of carved and knotted pine.
There are some hefty themes for what proves to be a weighty , worthy, serious-minded film.