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weightlifting / тяжелая атлетика, поднятие тяжестей
имя существительное
тяжелая атлетика
поднятие тяжестей
имя существительное
the sport or activity of lifting barbells or other heavy weights. There are two standard lifts in modern weightlifting: the single-movement lift from floor to extended position (the snatch ), and the two-movement lift from floor to shoulder position, and from shoulders to extended position (the clean and jerk ).
Sports like gymnastics, weightlifting and volleyball apply more stimulation for bone growth than running.
The burning desire I have for weightlifting has played a tremendous role in my life.
The 2000 Olympic Games was the first to allow women to compete in the sport of weightlifting .
And with other sports such as darts, bowls, table tennis, boccia and weightlifting , there was something to suit all tastes.
When you think of burning calories, you probably don't think of weightlifting .
One of the first things you learn when you're new to weightlifting is how to order your muscle groups.
I was given the position because I showed extensive knowledge of weightlifting and basic exercise.
The tournament is expected to be one of the most remarkable displays of athleticism that the sport of weightlifting has seen.
After returning from a summer vacation, I decided to take up weightlifting .
Olympic weightlifting consists of two lifts: The snatch and the clean and jerk.
To build stamina and strength for the game, Greg took up boxing and weightlifting .