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weevil / долгоносик
имя существительное
имя существительное
a small beetle with an elongated snout, the larvae of which typically develop inside seeds, stems, or other plant parts. Many are pests of crops or stored foodstuffs.
Weevils bore through the stem and eat the pith within, and beetle larvae bore through the roots.
Damage to stored grain by the lesser grain borer, rice weevil , red flour beetle, and rusty grain beetle costs the U.S. wheat industry about $500 million annually.
The weevil larvae feed at the base of the flower and interfere with seed production.
There was apparently no organization tasked with looking at current and potential effects of the weevil on cotton crops throughout the United States.
This particular species of weevil is a pest on peas.
The weevil larvae become adults in 17 to 28 days, depending on the weather.
Fisher believes this new device will revolutionize detection of root-feeding pests like the weevil .
The alfalfa weevil larvae spend nearly all their time on the plant.
I was surprised when the Royal Horticultural Society named the vine weevil as the worst pest in the garden last year.
Hazelnuts are prone to attack from a pest called the nut weevil .
Sailors accomplished great feats of exploration on little more than limes and weevily biscuits.