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weeper / плакса, плакальщик, траурная повязка
имя существительное
crybaby, weeper, sniveller, wet, weepie, sniveler
mourner, weeper, howler
траурная повязка
weeper, crape
имя существительное
a person who weeps.
I'm not a weeper , generally speaking, but yesterday I wept freely.
funeral garments, in particular.
The most famous early modern weeper was the sixteenth-century Spaniard Ignatius of Loyola, whose copious tears filled the pages of his Spiritual Diary.
Sorry to be such a weeper , but my nerves are clearly overstressed.
Ivy wasn't much of a weeper - she only let it out if the situation was really grave - but her voice was enough to indicate her hopelessness.
Isn't there some saying about finder's keeper, loser weeper ?
He considers tears to be gifts from God that demonstrate sorrow and compel others to have compassion for the weeper .
I'm not a weeper , generally speaking, but yesterday I wept freely.
He invented a particular tomb format whereby the deceased was guaranteed eternal mourning by the sculpted weepers that surrounded the sarcophagus.
The screams of terror, cries of agony, were now replaced by despairing wails and echoing voices of mournful weepers .
For all the crushed weepers , there are those who take it on the chin.
President George W Bush, his brothers and their father are big weepers , according to the American writer Kitty Kelley.