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weep / плакать, оплакивать, рыдать
cry, weep, lament, blubber, pipe, greet
mourn, weep, bemoan, lament, bewail, deplore
weep, sob, blubber, blub
shed tears.
a grieving mother wept over the body of her daughter
exude liquid.
she rubbed one of the sores, making it weep
имя существительное
a fit or spell of shedding tears.
She still has little weeps to herself when she thinks about Donald but she's on the mend.
Matt's mother went to sit down, beginning to weep bitterly.
That eye may redden and weep , and the nostril on that side may experience stuffiness and discharge.
They may weep , and eventually grow a crust or scab.
He began to weep , the tears falling faster and faster from his eyes, running down his face.
she rubbed the sore, making it weep
These blisters eventually burst to reveal small wet patches of red skin that may weep fluid.
Does anyone know the correct term for when the leaves ooze water or weep ?
So, I sing songs to the mothers, and the mothers begin to weep .
she rubbed one of the sores, making it weep
She heard her mother begin to weep softly as her father comforted her.