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weekly / еженедельно, раз в неделю
раз в неделю
имя прилагательное
weekly, hebdomadal
имя существительное
имя прилагательное
done, produced, or occurring once a week.
there was a weekly dance on Wednesdays
once a week.
interviews were given weekly
имя существительное
a newspaper or periodical issued every week.
Journalists from dailies averaged 5.5, and journalists from weeklies averaged 5.4.
The money he receives from the government is a big part of his family's weekly income - and they cannot do without it.
Some planned events will be featured on a weekly basis once the centre is open.
Milk was sampled once weekly at all three milkings and composited for each cow.
A couple with two children whose weekly income is at or below 334 may qualify.
To work out if you are eligible for the Pension Credit, you need to calculate your weekly income, after deductions and savings.
Payments are usually made once a month but single or low income parents can claim weekly payments.
I'd also like to see London theatres being upfront for once by publishing their weekly takings.
The burglar had probably heard she had been saving for years from her paltry weekly income, to leave something for her grandchildren.
In real terms, average weekly earnings for young people declined sharply over the same 10 years.
She once gave me a break by running a weekly column by me when she was editor of the Financial Post.