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weekender / уезжающий отдыхать на время с пятницы или субботы до понедельника
имя существительное
a person who spends time in a particular place only on weekends.
Gradually the character of our villages is changing as we get more and more weekenders or people who commute moving here.
I also found a pretty good weekender bag in Kathmandu, but at $150 I thought it was a little steep.
It's a great weekender bag done in a great fabric in cool colours like deep turquoise and rich olive green.
Tara Boone Bags come in sizes from cosmetic bags to weekender .
The weekender can engage in activities like hiking, swimming, cycling, fresh water fishing, bird watching and many more…
Garrison is a small town in a part of the Hudson Valley fast being colonized by weekenders and even some commuters to the city.
Although Courmayeur lies only just beyond the Mont Blanc tunnel, it's refreshingly Italian in feel - from the exquisitely dressed weekenders to the brio of the mountain restaurants.
We get weekenders who become some of our most loyal business.
It's full of weekenders reeling from over-priced booze.
It is very accessible and, placed as it is in the centre of the western Mediterranean, ideal for weekenders who can afford the air-ticket every week.
There are complaints here among commuters and weekenders about cocks crowing in the early morning and cowpats and mud on the road just as there are in England.