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week / неделя, шесть рабочих дней недели, целая вечность
имя существительное
week, hebdomad, sennight
шесть рабочих дней недели
целая вечность
eternity, week
имя существительное
a period of seven days.
the course lasts sixteen weeks
the week beginning July 3rd
she works a four-day week
It will not be useful to my work, as I am an office clerk, but I spent three hours each week at it.
The memo says the only alternative to redundancies would be a reduction in the working week from five to three days.
within a week
The union is campaigning for an increase in pay and a cut in the working week to 32 hours.
On average, the working week is two hours longer in the east compared to the west.
we'll be there for a week
Mr Hamer said he expected to stay open to midnight on week nights and a bit later on weekends.
Jeff and Eric are available to catch snakes at anytime of the day or night, seven days week .