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weedkiller / гербицидов
имя существительное
a substance used to destroy weeds.
But his green-fingered attempts to brighten up the area have been wrecked by council workers who sprayed them with weedkiller .
So throw out the weedkiller and invite some indigenous plants into your garden plot.
They are now becoming established in our lawn and I am tempted to cover the whole of my garden with weedkiller , but perhaps that's a little extreme.
The council will use an organic weedkiller to get rid of the ragwort, which won't harm other wildlife.
At Yalding they use a flame gun or hoe to control weeds, not chemical weedkillers ; ground covering plants also keep down weeds.
Ordinary life is, however, full of dangerous articles - kitchen knives and garden weedkillers , to mention but two.
Pesticides, weedkillers , fire extinguishers and food additives, also undergo thorough testing.
GM crops allow the use of much more poisonous weedkillers , which pose serious health risks to people.
The trials compared the effects on the environment of weedkillers used in GM farming with those of herbicides used to spray the conventional versions of the same crops.
For the garden at Redhall is run along organic lines, with an emphasis on achieving good plant health without fighting problems with pesticides, weedkillers or fertilisers.